Maintenance & Renovation Contractor's Insurance

You work hard. Your insurance should too.

OnSurance’s maintenance & renovation contractor’s insurance offers a range of customizable coverages to suit the needs of your operation. This insurance is for contractors who offer services like cleaning, siding repair/installation, fencing and deck repair/construction, and residential and commercial property construction/renovations.

Maintenance & Renovation Contractor's Insurance


Commercial General Liability Rip & Tear Coverage Office Contents Tools & Equipment Floater Installation Floater Endorsements
CGL helps protect a business from financial loss if found liable for property damage, bodily injury, and personal and advertising injury caused by the business’s services, products, operations, premises, or employees.
This coverage helps covers the cost of tearing out defected parts deemed unsafe and unacceptable to a project as a result of faulty workmanship up to $10,000.
Coverage to help repair or replace office contents when a business experiences a loss. Contents can include belongings like furniture, computers and electronics, and appliances.
Coverage for a contractor’s tools and equipment that are being used for a job in the event they are lost or stolen.
An installation floater covers materials and items for a job that have yet to be installed in the event they are lost, stolen, or damaged. Coverage is in effect regardless of if the materials and items are at the project site or in transit.
Standard CGL Endorsements
Minimum Earned Premium 100%
Heat Application Conditions Precedent to Coverage
Underground Services Warranty
Subcontractor Insurance Warranty ($1 Million)
Explosion, Collapse and Underground Exclusion
Certificate Holders Endorsement ( Blanket Additional Insured Endorsement)
Optional CGL Endorsements
Motor Restoration, Renovation and Repair Exclusion
Workshop Exclusion
Operations Exclusion (Airport, shopping malls)
Height Limit Warranty 2 Storey
Height Limit Warranty 3 Storey
Height Limit Warranty 4 Storey
Water Ingress Exclusion
Building Envelope Remediation Exclusion
Standard Property Endorsements (Applicable if Property/Tools coverage is purchased)
Replacement Cost Endorsement (5 years)
Locked Vehicle Warranty
Optional CGL endorsements are based on the business operation selected when getting a quote.

Eligible Trades:

Eligible Trades Ineligible Activities
Acoustical Panel Installation
Aluminium Awning Installation
Antennae/Satellite - Installation & Repair
Appliance Installation & Repair - Commercial
Appliance Installation & Repair - Household appliances only
Auto Cleaning/Car Detailing
Automobile Ambient Lighting Installation
Automobile Infotainment, Mobile and Sound System Installation
Cabinet Installation
Decks - Residential Only
Doors and Windows Installation
Drywall Installation and Plastering
Eavestrough and Gutter Installation, Maintenance and Cleaning (3 storeys or less)
Fence Installation - Electric (farm use only)
Fence Installation - Residential Only (No electric fencing)
Flooring Installation & Removal - including Tiling and Concrete Paving
Flooring Installation & Removal - Not including Tiling and Paving
Framing Buildings - Wood Only
Lawn Sprinkler System Installation - Residential work only
Locksmiths - No alarm system work
Siding Installation
Sign Installation, Erection & Repair
Window Cleaning
Don’t see your trade? We can still provide insurance for your business. Contact one of our brokers by giving us a call, using the chat box, or using the contact form at the bottom of the page and we will tailor an insurance policy to fit your needs!
Working with, handling, stripping and removal of asbestos
Toxic waste disposal sites
Aviation risks/products
Marine exposure
Working with explosives
Farm contracting
Repair of automobiles, or any motorized vehicles and associated parts
Ammunition, fuses, cartridges, gunpowder, nitro-glycerine or explosive gasses
Rail and sidetrack work
Offshore operations
Heavy Construction Projects (Project values > $20M)
Highway and street construction including bridges, tunnels and elevated highways
Sewer and drain construction and cleaning
Any work or sales in USA
Hauling any goods
Snow removal
Offer one of these services? We can still provide insurance for your business. Contact one of our brokers by giving us a call, using the chat box, or using the contact form at the bottom of the page and we will tailor an insurance policy to fit your needs!

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